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Elidea is a contemporary artist, born in Milan and based in Miami.

Upon finishing her studies at the European Design Institute, she began working as a graphic designer with several studios in Milan as well as participating in a professional collaboration at the European Design Institute of Milan for a Music Discography Graphics Course. In 1998 she started working with Studio Predesign, a renowned Italian agency specialized in discography graphics that collaborates with recording studios like SonyMusic, WarnerMusic, EMI Music and some of the Italian and International leading singers like Laura Pausini. 

A fusion of her personal passion for contemporary art and photography with a graphic design background allows her to develop new expressive forms. 

Cutting, pasting, and overlaying allows her to create her unique vision; often surrealistic, full of stimulus, and coherent to her own taste.
Her art is a multilayer work with hidden details, her technique evolved from classic photos into a mixed media creations with the usage of paper, golden leaf, acrylic colors and pencil.
Each painting takes on a life of its own and Elidea always feels as though she is collaborating with the piece of art itself. She believes her work could only ever happen that exact way on that exact day and place, and never again.

European influence is one of the keys to understanding her works that embodies the spirit of masters such as the Italian artist Mimmo Rotella and the German artist Gustav Klimt. 

In 2017 Elidea has started a collaboration with one of the world’s largest Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise, for release of several original artworks assigned to the many exclusive areas.

During Art Basel 2018 in Miami she received from Spectrum international art fair the award as BEST RISING ARTIST EXHIBITOR.
During Art Basel 2019 in Miami she received from Spectrum international art fair the award as SPOTLIGHT ARTIST.

2019 Elidea collaborated with iconic whiskey brand Bulleit to the Frontiers works project 2019 during Art Basel week. She created for the brand 6 original works of Art in a Bulleit Bottle as well as one original hand-painted mural. She represented what it means to her to be on the frontier of culture and art, an inspirational connection between di erent cultures in Miami.

Her works have been exhibited in numerous Italian art galleries between Milan and Venice and several art exhibitions in Miami, including Art Basel.


– 2022 COALESCE Solo exhibition during during Art Basel week. A project in collaboration with NY fashion photographer Raoul Beltrame. 18 new artworks dedicated to the fragility, enchanting and strength of the female body.

– 2020 September 1-30 2020 Elidea was selected by Mvvo Art jury for participate to the International Art Event AD ART SHOW in New Your City, at Westfield World Trade Center. AD ART SHOW is a groundbreaking juried art exhibition, launched at Sotheby’s New York in February 2018 and now in its third year, featuring artworks by artists from around the world.
The venue for 2020 is the Oculus, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, at the Westfield World Trade Center — one of the most famous architectural landmarks in New York City with over 350,000 visitors each day. AD ART SHOW 2020 will be seen by over 10 million people during the month of September.

 – 2020 Silent Auction Covid-19. During Covid-19 pandemic, Elidea raised money with a silent auction of her artworks for help people affected by the Covid-19 crisis

– 2019 Elidea collaborated with iconic whiskey brand Bulleit to the Frontiers works project 2019 during Art Basel week. She created for the brand 6 original works of Art in a Bulleit Bottle as well as one original hand-painted mural.

– 2019 Spectrum 2019 at Mana Wynwood during Art Basel week in Miami. 2019 AWARD WINNER for SPOTLIGHT ARTIST.

– 2019  On going, COALESCE PROJECT in collaboration with fashion photographer Raoul Beltrame. A series of 8 artworks dedicated to the fragility, enchanting and strength of the female body.

– 2019 Whimsy World annual art for life Fundraising Event – Miami.
– 2019 Selected by ITALY -AMERICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE as italian artist, given to her the privilege to permanently showcase 2 of her artworks in the new office of Brickell Miami.
– 2018 Article published on Widewalls Magazine. Selected as one of the top female artists spotted during Arta Basel 2018 Miami. https://www.widewalls.ch/female-artists-art-fairs-2019/
– 2018 Article published on the international Art Market Magazine. Issue #42 dedicated to the Highlights of The Miami Art Week.
– 2018 Spectrum 2018 at Mana Wynwood during Art Basel week in Miami. 2018 AWARD WINNER for BEST RISING ARTIST EXHIBITOR.
– 2018 Realization for Carnival Cruise Line of several artworks which are permanently showcase in the Piano Bar, Chef Table Restaurant and Lido Restaurant  of the cruise vessels “Triumph” – Miami.
– 2017 Realization for one of the world’s largest cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line of 5 exclusive artworks for the Library and 3 artworks for the Piano bar of the new ship “Horizon” – Miami. 
– 2017 Art Basel 2017 at Aqua Art- Miami. 
– 2017 Winner of Park your Art 2017. Live painting in Wynwood- Miami. 
– 2017 Personal show at Art and Music Festival- Miami.
– 2017 Realization of a personal portrait of the famous singer Samantha Johnson, finalist of the seasons 10 American got talent.
– 2017 Collaboration with the group Sloans’s – West Palm Beach.
– 2017 Portrait for the family of the famous Los Angeles rapper Xzibit.
– 2017 Interview for “#What is your story” a Wynwood Miami project- Miami.
– 2017 Art Wynwood. Collaboration with the artist Trey Speegle for the project “What kind of world do you want”- Miami.
  2016 Cover of the winter issue of MMM (Midtown Miami Magazine)- Miami.– 2016 Art Basel 2016 at Aqua Art- Miami.– 2016 Realization of 4 artworks for a new art deco building in South Beach for the group Morrison – Miami.– 2016 Photo shooting fo the store Anthropologie – Miami.– 2016 Collective exhibition at Miami Convention Center with Transformative connections – Miami.– 2016 Collective exhibition wit White dot Gallery – Key Biscayne.– 2016 Represented by the Gallery White Dot Gallery Wynwood – Miami.– 2015 Art Basel 2015 Collective exhibition at Albion Hotel South Beach – Miami.– 2015 Collective exhibition at Cafeina Cafe Wynwood with Young Artist Initiative – Miami.– 2015 Collective exhibition to Soyka for Praxis Art inc – Miami.

– 2013 Art Basel Personal exhibition at Melgrati show room Design District – Miami.

– 2013 Collective exhibition at Art Fest in Palm Beach – West Palm Beach.

– 2008 Collective exhibition “Bianco e nero” New Ars Italica – Milan.

– 2008 Collective exhibition shows at Galleria d’Arte III Millennio, San Marco – Venice.

– 2008 Collective exhibition at Brolo Centro Arte e Culture – Mogliano Veneto.

– 2008 Collaboration with the interior design magazine Casa Facile – Italy.

– 2007 Collective exhibition in Venice : “1st International Photographic Art Prize “ArteLaguna” with “ROSSO LONTANO”, selected among the Finalists – Venice.

– 2007 Interview as a New Talent artist for the art magazine KULT.

– 2007 Personal exhibition: TRACES AND CONTACTS at Mulino Docks Dora – Milan.

– 2007 Personal exhibition at El Brellin- Milan.

– 2007 Collective exhibition: XXXIV International Challenge of Paintings and Graphics Eustachi Gallery – Milan.

 – 2006 Collective exhibition international challenge of art “Giovanni Olindo”. – Milan.

Awarded with “New Talent” – Awarded: special artist, with the work “IERI” (Yesterday). Motivation: “For the freshness with which she has been able to deal with the classical theme of the human being through the combination of painting with photography, scenographic cutting and chiaroscuro.”

– 2006 Collective exhibition “Arte sul Naviglio Grande” – Milan.

– 1998-2007 Assistant of the artist Sergio Pappalettera of Studio Predesign- Milan.